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Contextual advertising in Google.


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Pricing Plans

Popular Pricing Package for Design Mobile Application

Paid audit - price$

  • We have conducted more than 600 audits in 6 years, in 95% - errors related to ignorance of the basics of advertising, lack of competence of specialists, lack of ability to build a strategy and define CA. An incorrectly configured account leads to 40-90% of excess budget spending. You will receive from us - a document that will indicate all the mistakes made and recommendations from Google Ads.
    The term is 3-7 days.
Free Audit + Setup - price$

  • If you have an account, we will conduct an audit and set everything up correctly according to your goals and Google Ads requirements. When ordering customization, the Audit is free. If it is your first time, we will prepare a media plan for you, determine your target audience and perform the initial setup based on the specific needs of your business.
    The term is 5-10 days.
Management 1 month - price$

  • We will manage your advertising, the correct definition of the target audience, the project goals and the preparation of the promotion strategy is 60% of success, the remaining 40% is the monitoring of quality indicators, making adjustments, quick reaction depending on changes in the account and in the auction. We give UAH 2,000 per click to all our clients.
    The advertising management period is 1 month.
Quick launch + Settings - price$

  • We will conduct an audit of the current situation and quickly adjust everything in advertising!
    The deadline is a day!
Безкоштовна консультація


01 How will everything happen? What do I have to do?

The contextual advertising customization service is provided as follows:

Деталі 1st stage: You order the service after paying its price. You answer the questions that the specialist will ask you before setting up the advertising campaign. Including there is a question about what budget you have planned for the advertising campaign per month. A specialist can set up an advertising campaign both for a budget of 100 dollars per month and for a budget of 1000 dollars per month - you just need to understand in advance what suits you. 2nd stage: The specialist selects relevant requests, creates advertisements, creates and configures an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct / Google Ads. 3rd stage: The advertising account is transferred to you. We will help you deposit money into an advertising account, and you can launch advertising yourself. Or our specialist conducts your advertising campaign, makes changes (rates - upon agreement with you), monitors statistics, analyzes and prepares reports.

02 Do you pre-test?

We do not conduct preliminary testing, and at the same time you can order advertising from us - this is the "Management for 1 month" package

Деталі where we adjust rates, ads (if necessary), develop a strategy for further campaigns. You can also use the "Free Audit + Setup" package to independently test advertising campaigns on a small budget (this package does not include the service of conducting advertising campaigns by our specialists).

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