To obtain a positive result in the project, all 4 basics of internet marketing are necessary to work. if one of the fundamentals isn't fulfilled - the project willn't achieve a successful result. It's important to process all 4 basics without exception.
1. Marketing
2. Advertising
3. Websites
4. Sales

1. Marketing
Basic Marketing:

- Naming, logo

- Marketing strategy

- Corporate identity

- Brief description of the company

- Unique trade offer (UTP)

- Benefits derived from the product/service

- Advantages of the company

- Pricing policy

- Difference from competitors

2. Advertising
To achieve the goals, it is necessary to choose the appropriate promotion channel:

1. Search terms (Google):

      - contextual advertising

      - SEO

2. Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn):

      - Targeted advertising

      - SMM

3. Specialized sites:

      - paid advertising

      - free advertising

4. Common portals (OLX, ROZETKA, etc.):

      - paid advertising

      - free advertising

3. Websites
The site must "convert" traffic to leads. Expectations of the target audience:

- A unique sales offer is in a prominent place (offer)

– a call to action gives an understanding of what to do next to order a product/service

– the site is easy to use (usability)

- It is easy to find all the necessary information on the website

- the site loads quickly

- the site is adapted for mobile devices

4. Sales
Principles of operation of a modern sales department:

- CRM from ma

- Sales planning and forecasting

- Sales training/training

- IP telephony

- Scripts
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