If you are engaged in affiliate marketing or simply promote goods and services in foreign markets, we recommend that you pay attention to advertising on Snapchat and TikTok.

We specifically decided to combine these 2 advertising platforms, in my opinion they are very, very similar and not only in the user interface, but also in the approaches to video creatives.

In general, in terms of the specifics of working with an advertising platform and optimizing campaigns, Snapchat and TikTok are no different from Facebook Ads. Here is the structure of campaigns, there are groups and ads. The same applies to campaign optimization, it is possible to make copies of groups, manage bids and budgets.

Traffic quality

  • In terms of traffic quality, we would give the following points:
  • Google Ads – 100
  • Facebook – 85
  • Snapchat, TikTok – 70

But this does not mean that the quality will be bad, no one needs such traffic. With the right approach and good ideas, your leads will be paid less, for example, instead of $15 – $12-13 per lead.


The local audience decides to fill out lead forms as soon as possible.

You don’t even need to develop a landing page (pre-sales page), you can go to the landing page right away.


We recommend talking about TikTok and following the trend for a few days. It’s important to know which videos and audio tracks are popular.

Then you can use the Creators Marketplace and order your promotional videos on tiktoker, find them using filters. TikTok ideas are also great for Snapchat advertising. The most important thing when working with Tiktok Ads is a compelling idea that first showcases a known Tiktok trend → touches on a problem → creates interest with a good solution/condition → prompts you to take the right action.

The length of such a key should be between 20 and 45 seconds. Next, the user gets to the application filling page. Starts are people who click on ads and end up on a blocked page. And subordinates are those who fill out the form and are converted into potential customers.


In conclusion, I want to say that Tiktok at the beginning of 2022 is a very serious competition to other paid sources of traffic. If you use Facebook ads for lead generation or e-commerce, you should definitely connect with Tiktok Ads.

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