Google Shopping is the most effective Google advertising tool for increasing online sales, generating more conversions for online stores than regular text ads or display campaigns. By launching Classic Shopping Campaigns or Smart Shopping Campaigns, you can increase the number of transactions by tens of times in the shortest possible time due to google machine learning, which will show your product to the target audience on the Google search and display network on YouTube and Gmail, while profitability advertising will grow.

The main benefits that Merchant Center provides:

  • Quick start – Google Shopping and Merchant Center can be set up and launched in just 5-7 days (sometimes up to 2 weeks, it all depends on the category of goods);
  • The cost of conversion is 3-4 times cheaper than other advertising sources, and the cost of a click is on average 2-3 UAH;
  • Dozens of orders immediately after a smart shopping campaign is approved in your Google Ads account;
  • The growth of conversions for online stores averages 25-35%.
  • No need to write keywords, negative keywords or text ads;
  • Free traffic and orders from Google search and from the “Purchases” tab;
  • A potential customer can immediately see the basic information about the product: photo, product name, price, store name.

To start, you need to do the following steps:

  • A site that complies with all of Google’s online shopping policies;
  • Claim and verify your site in Search Console;
  • Set up e-commerce in Google Analytics;
  • Advertising account in Google Ads;
  • Create an account in the Merchant Center;
  • Link all accounts together;
  • Download data feed;
  • Set up Google Shopping.

How are Google Smart Shopping Campaigns different from normal shopping campaigns?

The main difference between standard and smart shopping campaigns is that Smart Shopping Campaigns use machine learning for automation.

The task is the same: to unload the advertiser when setting up and maintaining contextual advertising from “manual” tasks and increase the effectiveness of campaigns through an automated search for optimal settings.

Classic Google Shopping Shopping ads are very different from Smart Campaigns. Here are the main differences between them:

  1. Google Smart Shopping campaigns work across four advertising channels at once: search product ads, advertising in Gmail, YouTube and the display network. Moreover, the specialist does not need to adapt the ad format for each of the networks, this is done automatically. The resulting ads will look exactly the same as the ads we are used to on the same sites;
  1. The system automatically adjusts the bid depending on the target audience and other conditions. For example, if a given user is more likely to take a targeted action, a higher CPC can be assigned to them so that they see the ad for sure. At the same time, there is no manual adjustment of rates;
  1. Choice of location, schedule of ad impressions, targeting by devices and target audience, minus keywords. The system takes care of all of the above, and the advertiser does not have access to change these settings.

Benefits of smart shopping campaigns:

  1. Save PPC specialist time. You must specify the desired campaign goal, campaign budget, target URL, and product information. The rest of the work (creating ads, targeting, setting bids, etc.) will be done by the system for you;
  2. Intelligent bet selection strategy. Based on general statistics (time of day, user device, geographic location, site), the system itself chooses the optimal cost per click for each ad impression;
  3. One budget for 4 advertising channels. Google Shopping Smart Campaigns allow you to efficiently share costs across YouTube, Search, Display Network and Gmail for maximum results and savings on your advertising budget;
  4. Less workload for designers. No need to draw separate banners for each site.
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