Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) – remarketing lists for search ads.

This tool allows you to adjust bids and ads in the search network for those users who are already familiar with the content of your site (visit your site again). For example, a user has visited the website of a foreign language school. The user has viewed the Polish language learning pages. After some period of time, the user enters a search query: “Polish language courses”. Because we know that this user is in the decision stage, we can increase their bid and score for a more attractive ad, for example, offer a discount on the first month of training.

RLSA restrictions:

  • The active list for search remarketing contains from 1,000 users, which means. that remarkteing will not start if there are fewer users.
  • The maximum length of time users can stay on the list is 540 days.
  • The maximum adjustment for a decrease is 90%, for an increase – 900%.
  • If the visitor is on two or more lists, the system applies the one with the higher adjustment.

How to set up RLSA

First you need to analyze the audience, as well as determine the stages of the funnel before the conversion. Based on this knowledge, you will collect audiences. To set up a remarketing list in Google Ads.

In order for the system to collect users, you must first install the remarketing code on all pages of the site. 

  1. To do this, go to “Audience Manager”:
  1. Click the Create Remarketing List button.
  1. From the dropdown list, choose the one that suits you best. In this example, we have selected Site Visitors.
  1. Create an audience by filling in all the fields. In this example, we want to collect all users who have visited the Shower Enclosures page. We plan to create a list for 30 days (this means that if the user does not go to the site again within 30 days, he will automatically leave this list).
  1. Save this list.

Now you can connect this list to the shower enclosures search campaign and set a bid adjustment on it, for example +20%.

The bid adjustment will trigger on users who were already on your site and viewed the shower enclosures page when entering a search query related to shower enclosures.

RLSA is a great way to optimize your bids on Google search ads and reach out to an audience that has already visited your site with more “hot” offers!

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