Customer information:

Customer: Benzotrade garden equipment store.

Location: Ukraine

It took nearly a decade for major retailers to recognize online sales as more than just a trendy addition to their business. Today, this is not a fad or a fashion trend, but one of the important strategic directions on the way to increase profitability by reaching a large number of customer audiences. In today’s world, if a company is not on the Internet, it will never become known to the majority of potential buyers.

Making the decision to develop your Internet platform is not easy, because it is quite a long way. Especially if a company with already implemented and clearly developed offline sales processes steps on it. This type of business requires a special approach.

Our case is the creation of an online platform for the garden equipment store “Benzotrade”.

What requirements were set

In the case of this case, we had several challenges at once:

  • maximum efficiency of task performance;
  • uploading and preparing a catalog of several thousand products using the supplier’s feeds;

In addition, we set ourselves the task of building convenient communication with the customer, setting the right priorities during development, avoiding the creation of impractical functionality and finding the optimal balance between system limitations and the requirements of conducting business in a similar direction. We want to share the nuances that often arise in such developments.

Key tasks and moments of case development

For us, the first stage of development is always the definition of the main tasks, from which we start when choosing work methods.

An important point is to take into account the specifics of e-commerce, which had to remain comfortable for both parties: buyers and sellers. Our team has set itself another task – to make the “Benzotrade” Internet resource as user-friendly and presentable as possible for the average consumer. We needed to develop an online store and make it a full-fledged sales channel.

Features of project design development

After defining the tasks and agreeing them with the customers, we proceeded directly to the design of the project. In the process, our specialists took into account not only the basic principles of web design, but also important rules of usability (convenience for the consumer), namely:

  • – well-chosen colors – quite bright, but, nevertheless, not obtrusive, design in the main theme of the store, use of icons and elements in the style of business themes. All this was necessary in order for customers to understand that they have come to the right address;
  • – logically placed elements, as well as the ability to find the necessary “point” of the site and the necessary information in just a couple of clicks;
  • – use of fonts of different sizes and colors, which make the perception of information more accessible;
  • – the presence of bright informative buttons, which are the key to a call to action in the online store.

We also offered the client CMS Opencart, created specifically for e-commerce, which includes a basic set of functions. With their help, it is as easy as possible to manage an unlimited number of goods, orders and customers. The main advantage of the engine is SEO-adaptability, as well as the expansion of functionality, if there is a need for this.

While developing the online store, we carefully worked on its main elements.

Catalog of goods

An SEO-adaptive version with binding to the filter was created. This made it possible to assign a unique CNC URL to each parameter when creating the catalog, which in turn has a positive effect on the SEO process of promoting the online store in the future. Also, for individual categories, products or single filter pages, it is possible to set metadata according to templates.

Ability to group goods according to specified parameters

When filtering in the general catalog, the client sees the selected product parameters in the filter.

Product cards

When creating them, the main emphasis was placed on a large photo in several angles, which allowed to present the product as much as possible.

Characteristics are shown to the right of the main picture. And in the administrative panel, you can add the necessary options, characteristics, promotions, set all the necessary parameters of the product.

Available functionality is always at hand and placed in its place.

Convenient ordering

All this can be done on one page, since the logic of the task is built on the appearance of available delivery and payment methods and the entry of all the necessary data to fulfill the order.

Language versions of the online store

During development, we made the site available in two languages: Ukrainian and Russian, but others can be added without our participation.

We have also prepared a site for SEO promotion


  • – automatic filling and formation of metadata;
  • – robots.txt index file;
  • – function of adding product description on any pages;
  • – correct assembly of CNC;
  • – the ability to connect analytics counters, remarketing, online assistants directly from the admin panel.

Summary of our work

After the development of the online functionality, the “Benzotrade” garden equipment online store was immediately launched. At the moment, the resource is working and already making a profit.

But the work on its improvement is still carried out primarily by the customer himself, because only a thorough analysis and constant monitoring allows improving the work of the business.

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