Customer information: 

Customer: fulfillment service site.

Location: Ukraine

The goal of the project: Launching ads on Facebook and achieving a certain number of impressions in a certain period:

KPI = 3,000,000

Account: in operation since 13.03. 2020 to 04/30/2020

Our task: Developing the project and increasing the number of impressions.

Market analysis

We analyzed the market for offers with similar services and identified several audiences for the promotion of this type of service:

  • – Users who actively use the fulfillment service;
  • – Users who are actively looking for such a service;
  • – Users who are starting to trade online but have never heard of this service.

Thanks to selected audiences, we created Facebook advertising campaigns on:

  • – Coverage;
  • – Traffic;
  • – Traffic on Instagram;
  • – Posts to attract the user;
  • – Publications regarding actions in business during quarantine;


Examples of audience targeting for some ad groups:

Examples of audience targeting on Instagram:

Statistics obtained for the entire period of work:

Reach = 568,064 users

Impressions = 1,873,386 *

*We did not achieve the KPI result due to the fact that we decided to stop advertising campaigns before the end of the stipulated period (details in the final conclusion).

Campaign work data:

In total, in two months of work, we attracted:

  • – 1,535 new users
  • – The total number of sessions is 1,865
  • – 253 goals achieved

Comparing the work for the period of April with the previous period (March)

Thanks to the optimization of campaigns, daily work and analysis of statistics, we improved the indicators:

  • – Bounce rate decreased by 30%
  • – Page session increased by 159.88%.
  • – Average session duration increased by 917.61%
  • – Achieved goals increased by 812%
  • – Conversion rate increased by 1,138.29%
  • – The decrease in users by 44.61% indicates that, thanks to well-chosen targeting audiences, we refocused on the target, interested audience and weeded out irrelevant traffic.

Summary: The project was “grown from scratch”, and the work carried out was aimed at obtaining the necessary results:

  • – In two months of work, we fulfilled more than 50% of the KPI
  • – At the same time, they increased user engagement on the site.

The work of the campaigns led to

  • – that we have increased the percentage of presence on the market of the services of this site,
  • – users were “introduced” to the site’s services and the brand itself, which means they increased recognition.

We stopped advertising campaigns due to the fact that we refocused on the LinkedIn social network.

But, we can safely say that, based on the received number and progression of impressions, we would exceed the plan within the set deadline.

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