Information according to the customer

Customer: alarm sales site

Location: Ukraine

The goal of the project: Optimization of existing campaigns, increase in sales, reduction of CPA.

Account: in operation since October 2016. The account “came” to us in March 2019. New campaigns started working from April 2019.

Our task: Optimizing campaigns and increasing the level of sales.


Analysis of existing campaigns:

  1. 1. We analyzed the performance of existing campaigns and decided to create new campaigns so as not to delete the statistics of previous campaigns.
  2. 2. We have developed campaigns:
  • – In the search network
  • – DPO
  • – DPO: Page Url
  • – In the context-media network
  • – Smart marketing campaign

Campaign development:

  • – Collected semantics based on the offered products on the website. They also took semantics from previous campaigns.
  • – We divided the semantics into separate search campaigns according to the direction of goods on the site.
  • – Campaigns were created in KMS:
    • Remarketing
    • Dynamic remarketing
    • Gmail display campaign

Аналіз проведених робіт та коригування в кампаніях з моменту запуску нових РК (з квітня 2019 до 01.05.2020)

Аналіз за весь час робіт нових кампаній у порівнянні з колишніми:


  1. 1. Over the entire period of operation, we managed to increase transactions by 31.61%.
  2. 2. Income increased by 29.44%
  3. 3. The number of clicks and impressions increased by 981.05% and 887.02%, respectively.
  4. 4. CTR increased by 18.38% on the search network.
  5. 5. The average cost per click decreased by 19.72%.


This project came to us with semantics in a broad type of compliance, with very broad requests, which were followed by the maximum budget.

We filtered out many keywords, leaving only brand-related semantics. Thus, we refocused on the CA, which is interested in our brand.

Despite the fact that the number of competitors increased significantly during this period, our account remained in the top positions in the auction statistics, without increasing the SRS, but on the contrary, reducing it by 19.72%

Auction statistics:

At the moment, the account is being regularly optimized to improve performance and quality.

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