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Customer: AJAX alarm sales website

Location: USA

The goal of the project: to increase the number of orders from Google Ads.

Account: in operation since March 2021.

Our task: to increase the number of conversions from Google Ads.

Results of optimization work on the account

The number of conversions increased by 11.70%

Conversion rate increased by 8.09%

Revenue increased by 8.99%

The rejection rate decreased by 14.26%

Associated conversions – transaction (participation in paid advertising channel conversions) +16.86%

Value of associated conversions +16.37%

Main paths of conversions (which campaigns participated in conversions) +25.61%,

i.e. paid advertising campaigns began to participate more often in the implementation of conversions.

Analysis of existing advertising campaigns

Ads account audited. According to the results of the audit, the following problems were identified:

  • – account structure;
  • – the correctness of the LCD settings;
  • – detailed processing of the semantic core;
  • – improvement of advertisement texts;
  • – use of all types of extensions and others.

A decision was made to create new advertising campaigns.

Launch of new advertising campaigns
The following works were carried out:

  • – loaded effective keywords;
  • – extended campaign semantics;
  • – the optimal grouping of keywords was carried out;
  • – new ads were written with mention of the current price and dynamic insertion of keywords {KeyWords:…};
  • – added remarketing audiences to search campaigns as observations with a 10% adjustment;
  • – various ad extensions used.

New campaigns have been launched since April 2019.

The types of campaigns that have been configured:

  • – search campaigns (by type of goods);
  • – dynamic search ads;
  • – dynamic search ads for seller tags with connected FID;
  • – campaigns in the KMS network;
  • – dynamic remarketing;
  • – campaigns in Gmail;
  • – trade campaigns.

Analysis of completed works and adjustments

After some time, an analysis of the performance of keywords was carried out and campaigns were divided according to the principle: priority (keywords for which there were conversions or a good quality indicator and CTR) and non-priority.

Percentage of impressions at the very top (The rate of impressions received in the top position in the search network is the percentage of ads that are shown in the first position above the normal search results) 79.99%

Percentage of impressions in the top positions (The ratio of received impressions over search results on the search network is the percentage of ad impressions over normal search results) 95.26%

CTR (search) increased by 12.65%

Next, regular optimization of campaigns is carried out – adjustment of rates, budgets; expansion of the semantic core, cleaning of search queries and expansion of the list of minus words.

Further development

  • Development and launch of a campaign for general inquiries without linking to a brand.
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