What does a PPC specialist do?

A PPC specialist or PPC manager adjusts the display of ads to the right target audience on various platforms, such as banners on websites or YouTube ads, and attracts new customers.

It calculates the metrics that can be achieved with a certain budget, constantly optimizes the metrics after launch – doing everything to make a click or conversion cost less, but bring a higher result, that is, a conversion. And after the end of the advertising campaign, he makes a report on its effectiveness.

The work combines creativity and numbers: the PPC manager can offer ideas for creatives, combine them, but at the same time must not forget about conversion and statistics.

What is the PPC manager responsible for?

The specialist fully supervises the advertising campaign in search engines and partner resources. Implementation of the strategy building project begins.

Specialist in contextual advertising:

  • analyzes the topic of the product/service;
  • studies the niche, competitors;
  • develops the target audience;
  • selects keywords;
  • creates an advertisement;
  • controls the budget;
  • evaluates the results.

Two PPC manager work formats are possible. In small companies, a specialist performs the entire cycle of work independently, in large agencies he is responsible for setting tasks and monitoring their execution, involving programmers, designers, copywriters, etc.

So, the simplest answer to the question “who is a ppc manager” is a person responsible for effectively attracting paid targeted traffic to the client’s resource.

What skills does a PPC specialist need?

The work of a PPC manager is impossible without knowledge of Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Tag Manager. He may also need other tools, it all depends on the customer’s goals.

A PPC specialist should be able to:

  • create groups of advertisements;
  • collect the semantic core and negative words;
  • work with budgets, with rates in the advertising office;
  • use analytics to understand how successful a campaign is or to collect data on audience behavior;
  • set up retargeting;
  • choose headlines that sell and write texts for ads.

A PPC manager will need perseverance, attention to detail, analytical and logical thinking, creativity, and the ability to correctly interpret a large amount of information.

Where to find a PPC specialist?

You can search for a PPC specialist through acquaintances, social networks. network, and you can also contact iWeb.

Our experts will help you:

  • Increase sales with the help of advertising in search engines and social networks;
  • Get more customers;
  • Effectively use the advertising budget;
  • Get the right, target audience.

The iWeb company specializes in complex solutions for the promotion of websites on the Internet. Our company is a certified agency in the Google Partners program.

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