DoubleClick Digital Marketing Platform is Google’s platform for purchasing display advertising, which consists of several integrated services and allows you to plan, create and implement campaigns from various advertising networks.

Double Click includes the following services:

  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager.
  • DoubleClick Search.
  • DoubleClick Studio.
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager.
  • DoubleClick for Publishers.

Campaign Manager (DCM)

Platform foundation. You can use it to optimize impressions, plan placements, set up targeting and timing, get reports, and more.

Search (DSS)

The tool helps people who want to advertise on multiple search engines. With DSS, you can manage ad campaigns, bids, and analyze across multiple search engines.

Bid Manager (DBM)

Purchase of advertising impressions at the best prices, depending on the goals of the advertiser. Real-time bidding provides the ability to optimize bids, as well as predict the number of impressions.


A tool for creating and managing ads, but with more functionality.

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

For those who plan to sell advertising space. The operation of the service is similar to the operation of the Google AdSense service, but it allows you to sell ads not only in AdSense, but also in other advertising networks.

The main benefits of using DoubleClick


  • Detailed cross-platform statistics.
  • Insurance against poor-quality implementation of advertising.
  • Responsive multimedia remarketing.
  • Lookalike targeting.
  • Purchasing advertising through direct purchases.

Detailed cross-platform statistics


Cross-platform tracking, this feature allows you to get the user’s activity on a separate platform. Statistics show the most effective advertising channels. This advantage makes it much easier to optimize ads.

Insurance against poor quality advertising


DoubleClick services guarantee the placement of advertising on resources with quality content. Due to this, the overall efficiency of digital advertising increases, as well as the savings in the advertising budget.

Responsive multimedia remarketing


Doubleclick analyzes the behavioral factors of potential customers. Allows you to create more personalized ads that can significantly increase your audience reach.

Lookalike targeting

Using a fairly new type of targeting “Lookalile”. DoubleClick analyzes related companies for a loyal audience that may like the products or services offered by your company.

Purchasing Advertising Through Direct Buying


The possibility of renting a specific place for an advertising banner. For example, in the very center of the main page. This method allows you to get a large number of impressions without the need to participate in the auction.

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