Google Ads is an online advertising service that allows you to place ads on the results page of the Google search engine. Google ads are practically no different from search results. Their only difference is the word “Advertising”. Such ads are usually displayed at the top, side and bottom of the search results page.

Google Ads: How it works

When a user enters a query into the search bar, Google displays relevant advertisements based on the keywords used in the query. Those advertisers who want their ads to be shown on the results page select keywords and place bids – the price they are willing to pay in case of a click on their ad. Depending on the competition, the size of the bid and the quality of the ad itself, they occupy different positions in the search results.

Google Ads: Advantages

  1. Showing ads to an audience ready to purchase or order a service. You can decide for yourself which keywords the ad will be displayed for. Search phrases with transactional bindings (“buy”, “order”, “price”, etc.) will help your ads to be shown to those who are most likely to order a service or make a purchase.
  2. Display ads at the exact location. To do this, it is important to specify the geographical location of your potential customers (country, region or city). You can also specify the area of the city or the required radius. When compared with targeted advertising, Google Ads allows you to show ads to users with a formed need.
  3. Flexibility in managing ad campaign settings. The service allows you to quickly change settings (for example, bid strategy) for effective advertising.
  4. Payment is possible after clicking on the ad. Google uses the PPC model, a pay-per-click advertising model. That is, you pay only when an interested user clicked on your ad.
  5. Performance tracking. The advertising cabinet allows you to track and analyze important parameters. For example: how many times your ad was viewed, how many clicks were made, purchases were made or requests were left. By monitoring the results of your advertising campaign, you can quickly make the necessary changes to improve its effectiveness.

What affects the display of your ad

Google uses an algorithm that determines the display of an ad of a particular user of the advertising service. In fact, this is an auction. However, the participant with the highest bid per click does not always win here. The algorithm also takes into account the quality of the ad – how relevant it is to the search query and how high the probability of clicking on it is. Those ads that have a high bid and quality indicator occupy top positions among ads in search results. Google uses 3 main parameters to determine the location of the ad in the search:

  • An indicator of the quality of the ad. This parameter reflects how relevant the ad is to the keyword. In order for it to be shown at the top, the ad must match the key query. For those who are looking for a Samsung mobile phone, in 99% of cases Google will not show real estate ads.
  • Bet. This parameter means the maximum cost per click that you are willing to pay. By reducing or increasing it, you can influence the number of impressions of your ad and the profitability of advertising costs. Most often, a high bid allows you to attract more traffic.
  • The relevance of the page. The Google system assigns a high indicator to the ad, after clicking on which the user gets to the page of the site, which contains the information relevant to the ad and the search query. For example: when advertising cars of foreign brands, you should not take them to a page with the domestic automotive industry.

The secret of a high-quality ad

It is not easy to write ads that would be more literate and attractive than those of competitors. It is important to clearly state why you should buy a product or order a service from you. Do not forget about the call to action. Here are a few nuances that are important to consider when writing an ad:

  • A clear formulation of your proposal. A potential client should immediately understand what you offer and whether you can meet his need. It is also important to guide the user to the page that corresponds to the ad.
  • Use keywords in your ads. Use the keywords by which you will be shown. Then the system will understand that the ad is relevant to the request of a potential client.
  • Draw attention to your ad. It is important to immediately convey to the user what your trade offer is better than others. Such information will have a positive impact on the results of the advertising campaign.
  • Stocks. Many people like the process of getting a discount. For example, you can specify that you have free shipping, a discount on some product in a certain period of time, etc.
  • A call to action. Potential customers are more likely to click on an ad if they are prompted to take the necessary action. For example: “Order and get a gift!”, “Have time to order before May 1 with free delivery!”.
  • Extensions to ads. They may contain important information about your company, for example: the address of your store, phone number, the main advantages of your store, other sections of the site that may be of interest to a potential client. Using extensions will increase the area occupied by your ad, which means it will become more noticeable to users. In addition, they do not incur additional costs.


Google Ads is one of the most basic online advertising services. Its main advantage is that advertising is shown to users who are as ready as possible to order a service or product. Search advertising allows you to attract customers already on the 1st day of its launch. Although it is one of the most expensive, the costs for it will fully justify themselves if properly configured.

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